Australia II

I spent my first christmas away from home in the little beach town Robe. There we had lovely seafood and strong winds, as it should be on the coast. We also met this little cute sealion in the harbour who eagerly demonstrated his acrobatic water skills, he was adorable.
Then me, Deni and her lovely parents went to the beach. It was a bit too chilly to swim that day so we just walked around the beach looking for pretty seashells.
And after trying out surfing in the town Victor Harbour, which was surprinsingly enjoyable (I loved it actually), we went to the Zoo Urumbirra. There the kangaroos roamed free throughout the whole zoo and you could pet them and feed them as much as you liked. They were so gentle and adorable.
The koala was scary though and cared more about the eucalyptus than us.
Then we went for a walk on an island where there were supposed to be loads of penguins to be found. We didn't see any.
A couple of days later I went home. It was a long trip, really long (Australia, Malaysia, UK and then finally Sweden) and as soon as I stepped on the plan I knew I was going to miss Australia terribly. And now, two months later I really do. Australia is an amazing country and its people likewise. I hate that it's so far away, otherwise I'd be planning my next trip as soon as I could.


▲ Maja

Det verkar som om du haft en helt fantastisk resa. Som du förevigat otroligt vackert.

▲ Maja

Åh, så fint!


Herremintid, så fint! :D

▲ Photography by Nathalie Harlin

Så himla himla vackert! Speciellt den sista!

▲ David

Ååh vill också klappa kängurur!

Och tack förresten Angie!

▲ Emilia

du tar så sjukt fina bilder! Australien verkar fantastico, önskar jag får chansen att åka dit någon gång jag också!

▲ emma

åh jag ska dit i höst! :))

▲ Fotograf Benedikte Bull

Nydelige bilder!

▲ Beatrice Jakobsson (foto)

otroligt fina bilder :)

▲ Mummeldjur

Åh, rena paradiset ju.

▲ Sara

åååå, vilka mys bilder! :')

▲ Lina Steén

Åh, vilka härliga bilder!

Skulle så gärna vilja åka till Australien någon gång!

Något ställe där som du kan rekommendera?

allt fint, Lina :)

▲ Lawrence Winder

Very much liked your final pic (light through the eucalypts)from Australia... it said much about our dry land.

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