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About three weeks ago I asked you guys to tell me about yourselves. And believe me, it was so amazing to read about all of you. I never expected my readers to have so many different interests, dreams and hopes. However, one thing I noticed is that many of you seem to think that you're not good enough for doing what you dream of, or that there's so many others that are better. But we all started at nothing. I, myself, want to become a fashion photographer. I've wanted that for four years now, and have no intentions of becoming something else. I can't imagine myself doing something else.
I've been told that it's probably just a whim of mine and that I'll regret spending so much time on photography, because there are so many that want to become one. Why should I be one of them? Maybe I should keep it as a hobby and do something else instead. And I understand that. The odds are against me. But I don't believe that I can't do anything. Don't get me wrong, I don't really consider myself good enough, not yet. But I do know that if I work hard enough and never give it up, one day I will be. And if you really, really want it, you will be, too.


▲ Johanna

tack. tack-tack-tack! det här var precis vad jag behövde just nu!!

▲ Lisen

Så bra text Angelina!

▲ Lisen

Så bra text Angelina!

▲ Beatrice

Jag har aldrig sett något fota så unikt och underbart bra som du, aldrig! Om du vill arbeta med foto tror jag att hela världen ligger för dina fötter för du har en sådan otrolig begåvning. Dina bilder platsar i Vouge, Elle och alla stora modemagasin. Du är så jävla grym och du har inte alls alla ods emot dig!

▲ Julia Nilsson

Bra med lite pepptalk! :D


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