Yoanne Lemoine

Recently I was watching Lana Del Rey's new video Blue Jeans and was pretty impressed as I thought that the video was one of the most goodlooking videos I've seen. The direction and photography was amazing. And Lana Del Rey of course.
So I decided to see who the director was. I found that his name was Yoann Lemoine and that he was also not only the director of the music video of Iron by Woodkid (which is one of my favorite videos and songs), no he was Woodkid.
This really caught my interest and I found myself flipping through the videos he had directed, all of them really really good. He is now one of my biggest inspirations.


▲ Olivia Ljungberg

lyssna på hans brooklyn! grym

▲ lovisa & alice

hej, vilken himla snygg blogg du har! och vilka bilder.. superbra verkligen! kolla in vår fotoblogg och lämna gärna en kommentar, du gör som du vill :)kram

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