Wincing the night away

Last friday was a perfect finish off on the worst week I've had in a while. I've had basically no life during the last two weeks and now, finally, I could relax a bit. So I started the day off with shooting a fashion story (which I'll publish as soon as I can) and then spending time with the lovely Camilla, Miriam, Björn and Louise.
After Tacos and wine we headed to Berns.
The weather had been constantly changing all throughout the day. Sunshine, rain and then snow. But we prevailed. After all, we were seeing a very special band well worth a few raindrops.
The Shins. They were lovely.


▲ Patrik

Massa fint :D

▲ smultris

Ingen länk till den där Björn månntro ;)

gillade ju (som det kanske framgår här) särskilt bilderna på pojken i regnet ;)

▲ tankenesmor

Jeg liker bildene dine svært godt. Det er behagelig å være her inne.

ha en vakker dag.

▲ lea

hahah åhh bilden på björn som röker är så fel?! han är ju änglabarnet hallå :((

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