A few of my favorite photos and how they were shot

Behind this photo there's a lot of hard work, from everyone's part. If you start with the appearance: The horns are real, I worked on them quite a while. They're attached to a headband that's hidden behind her thick hair. The dress is from Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair (one of my favorite Swedish brands) and it's absolutely gorgeous in real life. And it's really flowy, which suited this picture quite good. Her make-up is very sheer and almost unnoticable, instead of enhancing the eyes with mascara and such they're rather hidden behind light powder. And we left her freckles as they are, I mean, freckles are amazing. And the flow in her hair is actually made by waving a reflector screen on her right side (just outside the picture).

I remember that this day it was really sunny. So I had to do what I could in order to make it possible for Flora to endure the sunlight. As many of you know looking directly into the sunlight (or even near the sunlight) is not pleasant nor healthy. But unfortunately, photos taken that way tend to be the prettiest. So we tried to work around it and ended up with this picture. Backlight can be really beautiful.

This was shot in April (or Mars, not sure) and it was the first sunny day we'd had for a very very long time. And basically, it was for me a very successful shoot. Here I used backlight aswell, but with a reflector at the front and a lot of light was also reflected from the snow around us. I asked Elvira to do several angry expressions and growl (haha yes it's pretty weird, but it looks more authentic), something that can be very hard for a model if they're not used to it, but after a few tries we got this picture. The wavy things you see around her in the picture is actually another picture that I put onto the original picture in Photoshop. It's a photo of flames that I took in our stove at home after the shoot.

I absolutely love this one. Mostly because it's a combination of sepia and black and white, which makes the picture much much more interesting, although it's very subtle. If you look carefully you can see that different areas have different colours. In the middle it's mostly black and white but if you look more around the sides you'll see that it's more sepia there.  This was shot from above, I was standing on a pretty big stone and taking picture. My assistant Clara was standing beside me a little bit on the right reflecting the sun on the reflector onto Josefin.

It was freezing the day we took this photo (I swear that Lisen has been through a lot during our photoshoots) but it turned out really pretty. We used my smoke machine to make the background a little bit softer and then we took a few photos very fast since I didn't want her to catch a cold or something. She had roses in her hair from an old boquet I got a few weeks before. The light in the picture is from the lights that we had on our Christmas Tree, odd huh?

This is a self-portrait (or two combined actually) I took of myself after coming home from the hairdresser. My hair was straight and I found it so weird but nice at the same time that I had to perpetuate it. So I took these pictures in the soft evening light and made it even softer by adding a pink tone in Photoshop. I really should do more self-portraits like this.

This photos is perhaps the most powerful I've taken. The light is coming from two sides, one is from a softbox that stands very close by on her left and the other is an umbrella a little further away. There's a lot of photoshop behind this picture as well. But I think the photo was really good from the beginning so it was merely a matter of enhancing the photo rather than making it pretty. I could say a lot about the work in this photo but it would probably be a few pages so we'll leave it at that.


▲ Maria

Jag fullkomligt älskar dina bilder! :D De är så fantastiska och unika. Du är skickligare med kameran är vilken yrkesfotograf som helst.

▲ iseliniselin

Du er virkelig dyrktig altså, det øverste bildet var helt fantastiskt fint!!

▲ Rebecca

Jag älskar den svartvita/sepia. Den är helt fantastisk.

▲ Fotograf Benedikte Bull

WOW! Dette er virkelig fantastisk bra arbeid og fantastiske resultater. Dette innlegget her likte jeg!

▲ metallicatrollet

Kan aldri besøke bloggen din uten å bli utrolig motivert. Du er så flink! :) Takk for at du inspirerer voldsomt! :D

▲ M

totally in love with your pics!

the first is one of my fav

▲ Rebecca

Hej jag älskar verkligen dina bilder och detta var verkligen ett jättbra inlägg ! Det hade också varit kul och få se några före och efter bilder som du har photoshoppat. altså bara för att få ännu mera inspiration :)

▲ Flora

blir typ rörd av att jag är med på en av dina favoritbilder. skuggan är jättefin.

vi borde göra om det!

▲ Hannah Larsson

OTROLIGT FINA, helt fantastiska!! Speciellt första och fjärde. herremingud, något av de finaste jag sett på länge!

▲ jacglenphoto

Those shots are awesome with great feelings and sense in them.

I guess here one can see what is like a pro instead of being a pro - your shots are made by one who has the feeling of a pro and takes that into the shots ..stunning ..

▲ Gina

amazing shots!


▲ Oda

Du er virkelig en fantastisk fotograf, elsker bildene dine!!

▲ Lisa

Det här kommer låta en aning löjligt kanske, men ja har följt din blogg ett bra tag nu (ett år eller två?) och jag älskar dina bilder totallt. istället för att se upp till riktigt stora photografer avundas jag dina bilder aningen mer. harre bra.

▲ Jeanette M

Jeg hadde tenkt å kommentere noen favoritter idet jeg gikk nedover på siden, men det ble så mange etterhvert! Utrolig nydelige bilder, du er veldig flink! :D

▲ ellinor

Helt underbara bilder! och den första är nog lite utav den finaste bild jag sett på mycket mycket länge

▲ ▲celine [foto&vardag]

omg! I don't know what to say, I'm totally speechless. i realy LOVE your pictures... you are really really good!

▲ daniela


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