Under pressure

Previews, previews! I thought that since I haven't given you any good photos lately I would give you some previews of today's shoot. Which I'm allowed to show! And boy, I had fun. Amazing team. The final result will come in time!

These blogs were made for reading

I remember being so jealous of this girl a day in August this year when I was standing at the front row and saw when she got to dance along with Belle & Sebastian at the Popaganda festival. But now, it's okay. You see, her blog is one of my favorites. She dresses so incredibly nice and her blog makes me kind of happy whenever I visit.

Zhang Jingna is a constant contributor to various fashion magazines at an age of only 22 with Singapore as her base. Her obsessions are designers like Ann Demeulemeester and Alexander McQueen, photographers like Paolo Roversi and Peter Lindbergh, music like Sonata Arctica and Dir en Grey. And she's a pretty much amazing photographer.

XVII is a blog written by a pair of amazingly pretty twins. They take pictures of their daily life and the blog is very smart, not too much text, but a lot of photos.

I don't understand how one could possibly begin to describe Sandra Beijer's life. It's as life should be. A pretty boy, long nights out and a wardrobe that you'd die to have. Also she writes the lovliest posts sometimes, about love, about life and about those teenage years you'd rather forget.

Joey Lawrence is the master of the light, or at least the strobes. He mostly works as a commercial photographer, taking the campaign photos for Twilight for example. But the photos that are the most spectacular are his own private photos that he takes in widely different countries, like this one above. Which makes his blog an essential one. I swear to god that his photos from all these countries are so expressive and brilliantly executed I feel almost worthless with the lights when looking at this.

Beata is so very very creative. I absolutely adore her series about the magical box. Right now she's studying photography in Gamleby. Visit her blog. It's lovely.

Thank you all for the suggestions! I wish I could feature more blogs and perhaps I will in the future. Some of the blogs you suggested were already on my subscribing list, some were not. There is a lot of pretty blogs out there, you should all check it out.

Get cape. Wear Cape. Fly

So I'm home again after a week of working, going mad because of delays and other problems I encountered as I was living in Sthlm at Cami's (the very fab girl with the very fab cape in the picture above) place since she wasn't using her apartment during that time, thanks, and sorry for all the whiny phonecalls D: But it has been a good week and also, a very nice Christmas Eve. Today I realised that the excitement I felt when  being younger is almost gone, it felt sort of... sad. Before, I, as everybody else wished that I could grow up much faster but now I honestly just want to be a kid again. 

In January I can show you some very very awesome photos to you guys, I'd like to show them now but I'm not allowed to do that just yet.

And oh yes, Merry Merry Christmas!

Kids & Lipsticks

Miriam wanted to play with my lipstick so ah, I let her. She's like the cutest little sister you could ever have. But that wasn't what I wanted to write about. Tomorrow I'll start to work, as I said earlier and I will live in Sthlm during that time since my friend Cami is very very nice and is letting me lend her apartment. But, I won't have access to a computer during that time, which means... no updates or anything until Christmas. If you need to reach me I have access to my mail on my iPhone: Angelina@bellebergenwall.com

But until then, Merry Christmas!

Pass this on

I'm ver very very sorry for the silence. I'm in the middle of writing an history essay (the last assignment this year!) and retouching photos from earlier. And oh, for the record, I'm starting to work at Scandinavian Photo in Sthlm on Monday, probably going to be working until Thursday. And then... Christmas!

(sorry about the not-so-very-good quality of the photo... or the editing, I just looked through the archive and picked something. I have serious problems about writing a post without a picture...)


Just sent some photos to Crimson in order to update my portfolio. An update has been due for quite a long time now! Anyway, that's not what I wanted to talk about. I'm thinking about having an exhibition this spring, I mean it's a great thing and I'd love to have one (even if it's not a very big one). It would be in Uppsala or Stockholm. Would that be interesting? Do tell!

Psychedelic pastries

Yesterday I was at Josefin's along with Axel, Julia, Lara, Lovisa, Johanna and Lina and we made some delicious to-die-for "lussebullar" (it's like a bun with lots of saffron). Loads of fun! I brought my camera and for once a flash and played nightclub photographer.

A December tale

The model is Ellen Pan @ Sthlmsgruppen

Judy and the dream of horses

Retouching, retouching and enjoying every moment of it. God how I've missed not having photos to edit. I'll write a post with your blog suggestions right away, thank y'all, I have loads of new blogs to read now!

And by the way, is anyone considering going to the Belle & Sebastian concert in Sthlm 3th of April? I am. So bad. I didn't get enough of them the last time.

From today

Shot some lovely models today. Will show you in time!

What blog to read?

Hello readers, it's Sunday and well, a pretty good one. Right now I'm retouching, retouching and well.. you can sneak a peek on the picture above. Anyways, I feel like I need something new to read. There's so many very pretty blogs out there and I'm afraid I'm missing out on some of them! So do tell me, what do you think I should read? Not the bigger ones please, I'd rather have more the little treasures that nobody knows of! I like pretty much all genres but most of all I like pretty pictures. If I find some I really like I might make a post about my favorites! Shoot!

Shupp läsare, det är söndag och tja, en ganska bra sådan. Just nu så retuscherar jag för fullt och ja ni kan se här ovan hur det går. I alla fall, jag känner att jag behöver något nytt att läsa. Det finns så många fina bloggar där ute och jag är rädd att jag missar några av dem! Så berätta, vad tycker ni jag borde läsa? Inte de större bloggarna tack utan jag vill hellre ha de små skatterna som ingen vet om, nästan. Jag gillar alla genres men mest gillar jag fina fina bilder. Om jag hittar några jag verkligen gillar så kanske jag gör ett inlägg om de favoriter ni gav mig! Kör!


Took some photos of the very pretty Ellen @ Sthlmsgruppen today. It was freezing, cold but despite that the pictures turned out quite nice. Promise you more photos soon!
(sorry about the double-post at bloglovin, accidentely deleted the last post)