Niklas Källman in Frihamnen


 This is my first try at directing fashion film. It was a perfect day with a lovely team and I enjoy this medium so much. I'll definitely do this more in the future. 


A few weekends ago me and Olof got together to do an editorial, the light in his apartment during the short hours of the day here in Stockholm is quite beautiful. 


Inbetween internships, great moments and hardships I am shooting. And I have never been as sure in my life as I am now. 

Instagram II

November through Instagram
1. Shot a story while it still was fairly warm outside 2. On our way to Marie Laveau 3. Shot a few flowers 4. Retouching 5. Morfar Ginko with Melanie and Annie 6. In the elevator with Olof after dinner and wine at Hedda's 7. Painting with acrylic colors 8. Christmas at NK 9. Bought the perfect rings and nailpoilish at & Other Stories 10. Me before heading to Fotomässan for the first time in years 11. Fatima blended in with the art at Stockholm New exhibition 12. More art at the exhibition 13. Olof and I shot a beauty story together 14. With the gorgeous Mathilda S 15. My iPhone broke and this was my replacement (yes I'm suffering) 16. Played with the acrylic colors and old photos

High road

Summer has long gone but I believe Morocco is still the same as I left it. This is a town I can't remember the name of in the heart of Morocco. This is where the heat has long passed bearable and where you drank and drank water but the thirst never faded. It was here my uncle got married and it was one of the most exhausting and fantastic things I've ever seen.

Feel the ocean going under

Been spending time with acrylic colors and black and white lately. 

Slumville sunrise

Melanie is here and we have the best crisp fall weather. 

Fool's Gold

Shot in December. 

Paris soon (and last week)

Early tomorrow morning I'm off to one of my favorite places in the world - Paris.  So there'll be no word from me until next week. Until then, the last weeks photos on instagram. My username is bellebergenwallif you want to keep yourself updated.

Bad Kingdom

This is watercolor combined with old prints in black and white. I love doing these kinds of collages whenever I have time. 

Interview P3

This summer Flora asked me if I wanted to participate in an interview in her podcast about fashion photography with her and Elin Östman at P3. Do listen here:
I start talking around 20 min into the program. Unfortunately the interview is only available in Swedish. 


 1. Mert & Marcus 2.  unknown 3. Julia Noni 4. Volt Café


I have a new series out with the lovely Lovisa @ Nisch Management and the equally fantastic team of Johanna Briét and Maurene Tugavune.


Previews from a shoot with the lovely Lovisa @ Nisch Management.